Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017
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We all face problems and challenges in our daily lives; difficulties that we need to overcome and deal with in our own way. This seems especially true during these trying times of the pandemic, when our established routines, work, and our finances, are threatened.

For Tony* (*name changed), difficulty accessing correct medication led to him having suicidal thoughts. He decided to contact Waterways Chaplaincy (Church Army partners) through their website and asked for help.

Tony provided location details and a What3Words app reference enabling the local Waterways chaplains to come alongside Tony, spend time with him, and - above all - to listen to his concerns and problems.

"So often at Waterways Chaplaincy we are asked to help with practical issues, accessing support, signposting or simply helping with a few supplies, or perhaps food. But at other times, all that is needed is a listening ear, to have someone to share concerns with, to explain how you are feeling and to help work through those thoughts and get to a better place."

Having a friendly and supportive listening ear in the form of a Waterways Chaplain was what Tony needed at that moment - he had lost his driving licence, had valuable equipment and tools stolen from his van, and was feeling overwhelmed.

A problem shared, is a problem halved seems a fitting phrase for this situation. 

Happily, the chaplain continues to keep in touch with Tony who is now in a much better state of mind. He has a new GP, is back on track with his medications, and is feeling much more positive about life.

The team of 100 Waterways Chaplains are always ready to dwellers and travellers on the canals and waterways, please remember that one of our team of over 100 chaplains are always ready to come alongside you, to chat, to help and, most importantly to listen.

To find more about this ministry on the waterways and canals, visit the Waterways Chaplaincy website.

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Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017