Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017
University can be a fantastic opportunity to share your faith. But it can be challenging - university and Christian culture stand in stark contrast. Eleanor shares the evangelism tips she's picked up whilst studying at the University of Sheffield.
Eleanor Wolz
For almost a decade, Church Army’s Research Unit have been studying how God is at work through fresh expressions of church in the Diocese of Leicester.
Dave Lovell
Evangelism is a word we bat about a lot. But like all jargon, it's good to stop and think what it really means. So, we asked Elli from our Training Team: what IS evangelism?
Elli Wort
In a world where many of us are so disconnected from food production, Gordon looks at how the theme of harvest is still relevant to us today.
Gordon Banks
It's almost a new school year, so it's the perfect time to think about how we can cheer on our children (our own or those in our churches) to share Jesus at school. Rachael Heffer (Evangelical Alliance) shares her thoughts with us on how we can do this...
Rachael Heffer
The well-being and spiritual growth of our clergy is crucial to the Church of England’s future, but we all know that ministry at times can feel like “grappling with blancmange”. So, what does a flourishing ministry look like?
Tim Ling
2 August 2019 - The reasons for homelessness or begging are complex and it can lead to us not knowing what to do or how to best help. Sidney from the Marylebone Project shares some of her wise advice on how you can help... and not just walk by.
Sidney Nurthern
Every year pioneering research in mission and ministry is shared at the Faith in Research conference. Elli and Clare share the wisdom gained from this year's focus on wellbeing in ministry.
Elli Wort & Claire Dalpra
5 July 2019 - It's so easy to be offended and to hold on to unforgiveness. Forgiveness doesn't make the wrong right, but it will bring freedom. Paul shares his insight on this topic of forgiveness...
Paul Ward
21 June 2019 - Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Bishop of Dover, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons and a chaplain to the Queen, tells us about being born in Jamaica, becoming a CA Evangelist, racism and sexism, and sleepovers at Windsor Castle.
Rose Hudson-Wilkin
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Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017