Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017
15 March 2019 - For those of us who don't feel like natural evangelists, Louise knows how it can be a bit like taking a brave plunge when sharing faith with friends. She tells us her story of sharing about Ash Wednesday with friends.
Louise Johnson
1 March 2019 - Chris looks at what it really means to be salt and light and live out Matthew 5:13-16. He also invites you to join the Being Salt and Light community this Lent.
22 February 2019 - Steve reflects upon direction, calling and stepping out drawing on the image of footprints in the sand, mud or snow. He asks the question: do know where our path is and do we dare to take a path different from those made by others?
Steve Simmonds
8 February 2019 - J.John looks at the troubling political context and issues, like Brexit, and suggests that as Christians we should respond with hope, engagement and be an outward looking Church.
25 January 2019 - Isaac Hanna shares on how speaking blessing over our friends and cities can bring transformation and result in us wearing God's name as well.
Isaac Hanna
11 January 2019 - Mike looks at the power and significance of Hope, and helps us to explore how we can carry hope with us in our everyday lives, and even pass it on.
Mike Starkey
21 December 2018 - Annie reflects on what Jesus’ coming into the world teaches us about presence, and how Jesus is the presence of the Father.
Annie O'Connor
7 December 2018 - Louise admits that sometimes she forgets the joy of Jesus. Over Advent she calls us to reflect on Jesus' arrival to Earth and remember the difference he made then and is also making in our lives and the lives of those around us today.
Louise Johnson
23 November 2018 - Steve shares his reflections on faith and identity from his sabbatical in Australia.
Steve Hollinghurst
9 November 2018 - Kelvin asks if the cost is an essential understanding of what it is to be a Christian, why is it not more of an integral part of our evangelism?
Kelvin Bolton
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Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017