Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017
Hannah's ministry normally involves lots of tea and chats. The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped face-to-face meetings, but the need to talk remains. Hannah shares how she's keeping in touch with people who have poor or no internet.
Hannah Seal
For Mental Health Awareness Week, Will shares his top 10 tips on how to look after our mental health during this unprecedented time.
Will Lee
We'd all made plans... and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit! Mike describes how he feels like a tsunami has upturned our lifeboats, but how he's come to realise God hasn't cancelled His plans during this time.
Mike Dare
The coronavirus pandemic has brought new storms for us all in different ways. But Tim Rourke explains how there are some people who were already sailing these storms.
Tim Rourke
Kinder and Gina had just moved to a new area in Sheffield to begin to launch new ministries there, but then the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted their plans...
Hannah Ling
The pandemic's lockdown has forced us to connect with people in new ways. For some this is an easy transition, for others the technology is a bit tricky. Cherith shares why she thinks it's worth grappling with...
Cherith Withington
The spiritual life is about more than just joy - it is also about mystery and lament. Mike shares his experience of this and how joy, lament and mystery are all central to the Easter story.
Mike Starkey
Messy Churches are appearing up and down the country and reaching people who wouldn't otherwise step inside a church. But is Messy Church 'proper' church or just a form of outreach to get people in to 'real' church?
Andrew Wooding
This isn't the first time church has had to re-imagine what community looks like. Social distancing and social-isolating is forcing us to creatively do community today.
Jonny Price
It's all over the news but how do we as Christs' followers respond and react to the Coronavirus?
Claire Ling
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Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017