Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017
9 March 2018 - Roger asks: "Do we feel stressed or overloaded? Are we ready to heed the warning of the red line limiters in our lives?"
Roger Horsley
23 February 2018 - Our new Director of Research digs deeper into fresh expressions of Church.
Tim Ling
9 February 2018 - Louise shares about her decision to make 2018 a year of joy.
Louise Essam
26 January 2018 - “I’m not merely flesh and bone, I was made for something more…” Alice shares her thought on God's unique plan for each of us and how life becomes exciting when we begin to understand what this plan is.
Alice Stopczynski
12 January 2018 - As we start a new year, Mike asks the question: What is the rubbish from last year that we don’t want to carry with us into this new year?
Mike Starkey
20 December 2017 - Becky shares what Christmas has taught her about the transforming power of love.
Becky Forder
8 December 2017 - John reflects on his whirlwind adventure that was undertaking the Tube Challenge and what lessons he learnt along the way.
John Vivian
10 November 2017 - Written first for our supporter magazine Catalyst, Peter talks about branding and how, as Christians, we are indelibly marked with a logo, the Holy Spirit.
Peter Graystone
13 October 2017 - Sarah shares how conquering the Yorkshire Three Peaks has not only given her a massive sense of achievement, but has also taught her some lessons for her journey with God.
Sarah Taylor
22 September 2017 - Who's voice are we listening to? Carolyn tells us how God has been speaking to her about this question, particularly through the film The Dark Tower.
Carolyn Kinsman
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Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017