Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017
Hear Tyler's story of finding faith through our Greenwich Centre of Mission. Abbey Wood is a deprived area where young people's futures are stolen by violence, drugs and knife crime that has arisen out of poverty.
Deborah was struggling with mental health problems. But then she met Jane in Winn Gardens estate, Sheffield who introduced her to Jesus. Deborah tells us a bit of her story...
Andrea has faced a lifetime of struggles after being born with hydrocephalus. After being rushed to hospital on the brink of starvation, Andrea met our evangelist, Val, who offered her new hope for the future by becoming her carer.
The Amber Project is our Cardiff-based project for young people with experience of self-harm. We hear from some of the young people about their experiences of the Amber Project and how they’re getting on.
Grant (28) grew up on the Ferrier Estate, a tough housing estate in Greater London. At 12, he became a criminal to feed his brother. By 16, he was in prison. Grant now devotes his life to ensuring other young people don’t take the path of crime.
Dawn (37) escaped domestic abuse to start a new life for herself and her 10 children. Thanks to the support of our evangelist, Nick Russell, she can finally put her traumatic past behind her and look forward to the future.
Dezider (38) arrived in the UK 10 years ago, with not much besides the shirt on his back. Struggling to find work and feed his family, he tells us how his life was transformed after meeting an ‘angel’ on the Winn Gardens estate in Sheffield.
Mary (61) shares her story of life on the Flaxley Road estate in Selby and how the Edge Community at our Selby Centre of Mission has had such an impact, not only on her life but also on the lives of her grandchildren.
Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017